An eclectic structure built in 1923 and designed by the firm Morgan, Walls & Morgan, The Odd Fellow Temple was inspired by the Spanish Colonial Revival movement. Characterized by a combination of details and bold elements the exterior design has qualities of the impressionism and realism of Beaux Arts and the elegance, glamour, and functionality of Art Deco.

Many of the unique characteristics provide a glimpse into the building’s history. This is evident from the engraved three link symbols depicting The Independent Order of Odd Fellows motto of “Friendship, Love, and Truth”, to the illuminated version of the Eastern Star, based on five Biblical characters representing the Masonic virtues the building has a great deal of character. The recycled terrazzo floor in the lobby was created centuries ago and provides environmentally friendly durability. These historical elements inspire us today as we restore the traditions of kindness, charity, and compassion for the rising South Park residential and entertainment region.

Originally built for the Oddfellows, The Temple’s history is filled with wonders. Widely focused on charity and community service activities’ that involved some profoundly historic social and fraternal organizations, this building is returning to serve its community.”